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…not my child’s, his action figure’s.

Day Six: Oh, the humanity…

...Twitch: Making Tourette's Cool.


The zombler is all boy. 100%.  One of his favorite things is motocross.  Naturally then, he received tons of motocross paraphernalia this past Christmas.  His favorite thing is his Twitch action figure/ motorcycle combo.  If you aren’t familiar with Twitch, he is a motocross rider with a group called Metal Mulisha and is known for 1. Having Tourette’s Syndrome and 2. Being awesome.  Along with his Twitch action figure, Drew also has about 3 or 4 others that he plays with on a regular basis.  I guess in true zombie-like fashion, my child always ends up removing one body part or another from his poor and battered action figures.  Poor Twitch is his most recent favorite, and unfortunately has lost a leg.  It is my job, as mombie, to keep sticking the leg on whenever it falls off.  I would say I do this an average of 6 billion times daily, and Heaven forbid the leg gets lost. 

The other day, during a particularly bitter temper tantrum, zombler thought it would be a wonderful idea to throw his Twitch across the room.  Twitch’s leg flew off (of course) and it took a good 15 minutes to find it and successfully reattach.  As much as I love Twitch and all things motocross, I wish that my child would instead play with my zombie action figures.  So they are violent looking toys, so what? At least when a limb comes off, its natural and doesn’t have to be re attached…

I’m off to the action figure ER,



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