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I’ve had no real direction for this blog as of yet and it has been driving me out of my brain.  Then, it occurred to me that I do in fact have a camera and that I can, in fact, use it.  I have decided to take a year of my time to document life as a mombie with one photo a day.  In typical zombiegrrl fashion, I will not have any organization to this except for the fact that there will always be one photo a day.  Will I rant at times as well? Yes.  Will I still post witty one liners in place of actual blog entries? Of course.  For the next year, enjoy a glimpse into my world.

Day One: Bugs in the Shower.

Slowly taking over the cleanest place in the house…

After stumbling into a craft store the other day in an attempt to find something to feed my activity starved zombler, I came across these little gems.  For exactly $1, you too can own little plastic coated pills that expand into insects once inserted into bath water (or any water, for that matter…).  I like the dragonfly.  I always like the dragonfly. Doesn’t matter what it is, if you slap a dragonfly on it, I’ll enjoy it.  Except for the overly girly ones. I like the anatomically correct and traditionally ‘not pretty’ ones.  Anyways, there you go.  First picture for a year in the un-life of a semiconscious mombie of a zombler.  Kisses.




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