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…the Greeks were pretty cool, except for their lack of zombie myths.
DAY TWO: Percy Jackson, Stealin’ some Lightening…

...and he's about to get beat up by a chick.

 Okay, call me a bad mother, but the zombler and I like to watch semi violent films before falling asleep at night.  Because he is 3 and loves it, it’s usually Spiderman (1, 2, or 3. Goodness help us when #4 comes along) but tonight we watched ‘Percy Jackson’.  Its only the 7th time I’ve seen this one, so it was refreshing compared to Peter Parker and his ridiculous thighs of steel.  I’ve got to say, for a tween movie, Percy and crew are fun to watch.  I’m glad someone finally made a movie with a modern twist that is based on greek mythology.  Hmmm…to sum it up, if you watch it you get to see Uma Thurman’s head cut off (who doesn’t want to see that? Kidding.), half-naked beefy guys, and really sweet cheesy movie effects.  I guess I’m not really making it sound appealing, but if you get bored it’s not a bad choice of rental.  Oh, and Percy Jackson is shmexy. I almost feel like a complete creeper, but that Percy Jackson actor is pretty hot. Either way, today was a snowed-in day, so there aren’t any eventful pictures to share.

I think I’m in love with Billy Corgan,



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I’ve had no real direction for this blog as of yet and it has been driving me out of my brain.  Then, it occurred to me that I do in fact have a camera and that I can, in fact, use it.  I have decided to take a year of my time to document life as a mombie with one photo a day.  In typical zombiegrrl fashion, I will not have any organization to this except for the fact that there will always be one photo a day.  Will I rant at times as well? Yes.  Will I still post witty one liners in place of actual blog entries? Of course.  For the next year, enjoy a glimpse into my world.

Day One: Bugs in the Shower.

Slowly taking over the cleanest place in the house…

After stumbling into a craft store the other day in an attempt to find something to feed my activity starved zombler, I came across these little gems.  For exactly $1, you too can own little plastic coated pills that expand into insects once inserted into bath water (or any water, for that matter…).  I like the dragonfly.  I always like the dragonfly. Doesn’t matter what it is, if you slap a dragonfly on it, I’ll enjoy it.  Except for the overly girly ones. I like the anatomically correct and traditionally ‘not pretty’ ones.  Anyways, there you go.  First picture for a year in the un-life of a semiconscious mombie of a zombler.  Kisses.



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