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It’s Alive! Day Seven

…Actually, I hope there is nothing alive in there.

DAY SEVEN: How realistic are these illustrations?

...I've got ninety-nine problems, but a bitch aint one.

Oh, the joyous wonders of my job.  For those of you who read the post about the infectious virus being passed amongst we glorious vet techs, here is another one for you.  Our hospital has been providing the chicago suburbs with quality animal care for years now.  Many, many years.  The majestic building in of which we daily strive to heal sick animals has history etched into its walls.  History is also hidden in the various cabinets and drawers.  Meaning, don’t reach in them if you haven’t had a recent tetanus shot.

Okay, so as usual, I am being slightly dramatic.  However, I’ve been on a cleaning kick this past week, and today I found some gems while organizing a drawer that hasn’t been touched since the 80s.  Among the books about bladder stones and the shiny outdated lab disks, I found a book about dog vaginas.  Because I have the sense of humor of an 8-year-old boy, of course I had to show the twins.  Turns out, this very book was owned by the previous owner of the hospital’s wife.  Its something special because these owners were very nice, I hear, and the husband has since passed away.  So, I saved it for history’s sake and tossed the rest. 

Along with the text describing medical terms about dog vagina slide smears, there are beautifully illustrated pictures of what dog vagina debris looks like, and what stage breeding occurs in as well. 

I don’t know about anyone else, but vagina debris does not sound fun to me, and maybe that is why I will never become a veterinarian.  I saw a vulvaplasty one time and cringed every time the dog sat down afterwards.  However, I had to share the cover of this historical gem with the world.  Please take note of the squiggly vagina illustrations underneath the ever so intriguing title.

Yes, in a day’s work.



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…its whats for dinner.

Just finished a teen fiction novel titled, ‘I Kissed a Zombie and I Liked It.” by a certain Mr. Adam Selzer.  I’m taking a short break between summer and fall semester and wanted some light zombie reading.  It’s definitely geared towards tweens, but it was enjoyable.  Took me about and hour and a half to read the whole thing.  Sometimes a little light teen fiction is a nice break from the slew of college text that is thrown at me in the everyday scholastic world.  You all must know that I stayed up the other night ordering books on amazon.com.  I’d say 1/4 of them were college text for the fall…and the rest were books I discovered after typing in the keyword ‘zombie’.  🙂  Of course.

Anyways, long story short.  Girl lives in world with supernatural creatures such as vampires, werewolves, and (you guessed it) zombies.  Girl cold-hearted.  Girl meets boy.  Girl likes boy.  Boy is undead.  Boy is literally cold-hearted.  Cold-hearted boy melts cold-hearted girl’s heart.  Girl and boy experience tumultuous situations  while trying to figure out how young zombie love can survive in such a tough world. 

How does it end? Go read it yourself. 🙂

Off to eat brains  dinner,


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