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…its whats for dinner.

Just finished a teen fiction novel titled, ‘I Kissed a Zombie and I Liked It.” by a certain Mr. Adam Selzer.  I’m taking a short break between summer and fall semester and wanted some light zombie reading.  It’s definitely geared towards tweens, but it was enjoyable.  Took me about and hour and a half to read the whole thing.  Sometimes a little light teen fiction is a nice break from the slew of college text that is thrown at me in the everyday scholastic world.  You all must know that I stayed up the other night ordering books on amazon.com.  I’d say 1/4 of them were college text for the fall…and the rest were books I discovered after typing in the keyword ‘zombie’.  🙂  Of course.

Anyways, long story short.  Girl lives in world with supernatural creatures such as vampires, werewolves, and (you guessed it) zombies.  Girl cold-hearted.  Girl meets boy.  Girl likes boy.  Boy is undead.  Boy is literally cold-hearted.  Cold-hearted boy melts cold-hearted girl’s heart.  Girl and boy experience tumultuous situations  while trying to figure out how young zombie love can survive in such a tough world. 

How does it end? Go read it yourself. 🙂

Off to eat brains  dinner,



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…is a killer. One that doesn’t reanimate you back to life.  Such a shame, the ways some girls act.


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…in ghoulish.  Small tour of some of the paraphernalia in my room-io.  Amidst the bottles of nail polish and large amounts of clothing draped over my furniture, you find my true love…

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…then limping rigidly if you’ve become a zombie.

It’s a beautiful day!


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…I’d be Alice from Resident Evil.

Except I cannot remember if she dies or not.  Plus, in my version, Alice would bang Eric Mabius’ character and he would not turn into a monstrous beast. 

Zombies Whilst Homeworking,

– moi

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…and flew it straight into the trash can.  My aim is amazing.

As I sit here typing this, I should be doing approximately 6.5 billion other things, including typing up an essay that is due for my english class this evening.  In typical fashion pertaining to a typical twenty-something female, I am procrastinating and typing nonsense to a computer screen.  My tonsils have decided to launch their bi-monthly attack on my body, and I have taken Ibuprofen in an attempt to calm my penicillin resistant strep infection.  Honestly, you think they’d just remove my tonsils already…but apparently they try to avoid that type of surgery on adults these days when possible.  I respect the doctors’ decisions to prevent my untimely death.  Regardless, the war inside of my throat is contributing to my lack of paper writing.

I had a fairly eventful week this week. Turned the big 2-3.  I’ve never been a party person, so I chose to spend my day bike riding and stuff.  Yeah, I said stuff.  There was one thing, in particular, that I was really looking forward to doing last night  (a day late, my birthday is the 16th) as a form of celebration.  Once again, its one of those things that I can’t particularly describe in too much detail.  Let’s just say that in a parallel universe things might have ended up as I imagined they would.  This, however, is the real world and it ended up as another typical night.  In a way though, I’ve come to appreciate ‘just another night’ as a welcome activity in my all too unconventional life.

I have to say (or write, if you want to get technical) that the reality check of being a single mother and gaining a few lbs since my glory days has brought me down to Earth, particularly lately.  This is unacceptable, considering that I enjoy spacing out in the cosmos of my crazy life. This being brought to my attention, I’ve decided that I am going to ‘un ground’ myself and try to figure out exactly which happy earth-slash-space medium I’d like to be at. 

If you don’t get it, then you’re the crazy one, not me.

Time to go embrace the gorgeousness of freedom of speech.

Stop! Paper Time,


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…it’s for your own good, trust me.

I’m very sure that there have been times that someone has wanted to deck me so I’d shut up.  Well, now its your turn.  I like you better with your mouth shut, baby.


Your Local ZombieGrrrl

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